About School Trips/ Outdoor Environmental Education

Explore the World with the Outdoor Education Programs that Strengthen Classroom Learning & Team Building.

Our philosophy is that through direct, hands-on experience, all students strengthen classroom learning and team building skills at our camping facility. Our core values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility are instilled throughout the Outdoor Education program.

Objectives and guidelines for the Outdoor Environmental Education program are based on the Arizona Department of Education Science Standards and compliment school curriculum. Activities emphasize the development of student perceptions, sensitivities, and awareness of the natural environment, and classes are designed to build positive relationships between students and build a basic understanding of ecological principals.

Our Outdoor Environmental Education classes are offered at both Camp Sky-Y (located in Prescott, Arizona in the Prescott National Forest about a two hour drive from Phoenix) and Chauncey Ranch (located in Mayer, Arizona, on a 5000-acre ranch on the Agua Fria River, one hour, 15 minutes from Phoenix).