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Gain Leadership Skills with Arizona YMCA’s Counselors in Training Camp

There’s an old saying, ‘it’s hard to love others if you don’t love yourself.” We feel the same holds true with respect. We learn self-respect by living a life that deserves it. One of our goals at camp is to lead by example, showing children how to be responsible and resourceful … and how living these values creates the self-respect everyone seeks. Your children may not understand the concept, but they most certainly will like the feeling of self-respect.

While passing along our values, we never neglect your child’s physical well-being. We encourage our little campers toward healthier lives through fun and exciting camp activities that gradually tell their bodies physical activity is fun. In turn, their minds begin feeling better about themselves.

Counselors in Training (Camp Sky-Y)

Counselors in Training (CIT) – Camp Sky-Y

Campers Age: 16 & 17
Non-Member Fee: $1,100.00 | Member Fee: $900.00
Dates: June 11-24 or July 2-15

This 2-week program is an introduction to learning basic camp counselor skills as well as the opportunity to work with children in a camp setting. The focus of the program is to learn to lead, motivate, and teach campers about the important role camp plays in their lives, as well as to teach them lifelong activities such as canoeing, fishing, and even help them learn to ride a horse. CIT’s will learn/lead camp songs, games, skits, and camp activities; and the importance of implementing the core values of the YMCA into the camper’s camp experience. Participants will have the opportunity to visit other camps in the area and share their skills with CIT’s in their program. This program involves a 3-4 night overnight that will focus on leadership and communication skills. CIT’s will have the opportunity to shadow Sr. Staff and counselors and to assist them with daily programming, as well as to begin to utilize what they have learned during the program.

CIT Life Skills


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