Y Camp Staff

The Arizona YMCA Camps Staff Emphasize Core Values for a Lifetime

The Arizona YMCA Camps take pride in providing a qualified staff that will always put the needs of your child first. Our camp staff and employees are chosen for their experience, maturity and dedication, the staff places an emphasis on core values for the YMCA: Caring, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility. When your child leaves camp, they will have gained a deeper understanding of these values, as well as the ability to demonstrate them in their everyday life. Our staff and employees want your child to leave camp being the best person they can be. Every spring Sky-Y Directors travel to local colleges and university looking for the best of the best.

Our summer camp staff is supervised by the full-time staff and employee team, who have over 50 years of summer camp experience combined. Staff applications are processed through our background check and interviews. The average age of our cabin staff is ages 18-21, we do have a few Junior Staff that have gone through our CIT program. All staff go through a week long staff training. We train on camp topics such as Homesickness, Bullying, First Aid, Child Abuse Recognition, and Programs.

You can be assured that your campers will be safe and well cared for during their stay at Y Camp.

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