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Summer Camps at Chauncey Ranch

Get a Real Summer Camp Experience at Arizona YMCA’s Chauncey Ranch!

Hey kids, guess what? It’s going to be 105 degrees again this summer. But don’t be bored, instead have the time of your life at Chauncey summer camp and saddle up in Mayer, Arizona. There’s fun stuff to do from sunrise to long after sunset, like trail rides, archery, rock climbing, and skit night.

So tell mom she won’t have to nave you this summer. She can send you to the Y’s summer camp!

Cowboy Camp (Chauncey Ranch)

Cowboy Camp – Chauncey Ranch

Campers Age: 12-16
Fee: $1,495 – Advanced Horse Camp
Dates: June 7 – June 20

A two-week program geared toward current riders who have a working knowledge of horses and basic horsemanship. Campers live in the “Cowboy Barn” and spend the day working the ranch and on horseback. Program objectives include: improving basic riding skills and learning about specialties such as roping, barrel racing, English riding, and rodeo at the end of the session.


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